^This page documents the colors Blue, Liver, and Fawn within the German Shepherd Dog breed in photo format. The "Blue Gallery" documents Blue colored GSD's of both the Powder and Steel variations. Each link is represented by either the dogs name or the kennel name if the link includes photos of more than one dog bred by the same breeder.

The Liver and Fawn Galleries are presented in the same manner.

Note that the Liver Gallery documents both the
Cinnamon and Chocolate variations of the Liver coat color.

 I hope you enjoy viewing the photos contained here as much as I do. If you have any questions or comments or would like your own Blue or Liver GSD to have his own page on this site please contact me at WebWiz@BlueDogs.8m.com
Renegade - P2A     (SD)TruBlu - P2A      Cherokee K - P

Gypsy - P2A            BlueBerry                  Cheyenne

Rebel - P2A             Von Dodin K - P       (LC) Little Blue - P2A

Gypsy's Litter - P
      Thor                     (SD/SB)Winning Ways K - P

Finnbrook K - P
        (SD) Zep - P2A       (LC) Fallon    Dunny - P2A

(SD) Denim
              Kikka - P2A
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3 Fawns - P
Kahlua    Rommel - P        7 weeks old - P

Nikki       5 weeks old - P     Red Hot - P

Toby - P
    Fate - P       Kaiser - P2A
Gallery Key Codes

Codes that precede link names:                      Codes that follow link names:

SD - Solid (self coloring) pattern                      P = Puppy photos only
SB - Sable pattern                                             P2A = Puppy to Adult photos
Bi - Bi-Color pattern                                         K = Name of link represents
LC - Long Coated Dog                                                   a kennel name

To save confusion Saddle and Blanket Patterned dogs as well as Stock or Plush coated dogs have no code preceeding their name.
Likewise pages of photos that document dogs only as adults will not show a code following their name.